Bookings are currently available for training in the FCTA Driver Safety Simulator. Two driving simulator stations are housed in this 18 wheeler truck.

FCTA offers mobile driver safety training

Employee safety is a main concern for almost every company in the United States. As a transportation company, safety on the roadways is at the forefront for us. That is one of the main reasons we opted to take on another segment of our industry when the Driver Safety Simulator became a part of FCTA in Spring of 2018.

Two driving stations are housed in the 18 wheeler's trailer. One looks like the cab of a cutaway bus while the other looks like the passenger compartment of a Dodge Challenger.

Our simulators offer occasions to build real skills and provide a unique training opportunity that yields a memorable experience for all who participate in the simulator driving sessions. We opt to divide trainees into small groups to give them the chance to receive one-on-one training with the simulator team as well as feel comfortable sharing the experience with a few of their peers. Our training scenarios can be customized to fit driving issues that you deem a priority for your employees to surmount – ie distracted driving, using mirrors correctly when driving, making good decisions while on the road, reconsidering the expected or unexpected on the roadways or navigating intersections with more skill and ease. We can also factor in traffic issues, weather issues and mechanical issues with this training. In the time we have been providing training through our simulator system, we have worked with drivers for departments such as streets, agencies, law enforcement, solid waste and flood walls.

In addition to offering training for companies and municipalities, we provide invaluable driving experience and simulations to high schoolers who are just beginning to learn the rules of the road or those who have been driving for a little while but haven’t quite mastered the basic skills. We can safely show young drivers how to react and what to do in various situations including icy roadways, hydroplaning, tire blowouts, various engine failures and over corrections. They will be able to feel what it is like to steer through a tire blowout or other issue without receiving injuries. Our trainers can show them what happens when they are distracted behind the wheel and how quickly it can become a dangerous and even life-threatening situation. While working with students, we can also work with school bus drivers offering the safety tips for their time on the road.

 FCTA’s simulator trainers are skilled drivers and have been through sessions similar to the ones they are providing with the simulator system. They are certified by FAAC, Inc. - the leader of simulation in training and research and the creator of the simulator system we utilize - and have also successfully passed more than 15 National Safety Council courses thus far. 

Our goal is not to teach people how to drive, but to teach them how to drive more safely. Sitting behind the wheel of the simulators, those being trained are faced with scenarios where they have to rely on the skill set they already have to complete them. Once the scenario is completed, the trainer will review it with the driver and ask why decisions were made on the road and then offer suggestions that could make the outcome better or easier to achieve.

Training costs per person - which includes a defensive driving lesson in a classroom setting and hands-on driving via scenarios in our simulators - would be $89. We must have 15 trainees to travel to your site. Because we like to remain flexible with companies that need multiple time options, we can provide training through the week or on weekends, whichever works best for you.

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