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SIMULATOR TRAINING - Employees of Murray/Calloway Transit Authority took part in a FCTA Driver Safety Simulator Training at their site on Saturday, September 28. The training sessions - which were held in four two-hour blocks - allowed the MCTA employees to learn more about distracted driving and how to defensively deal with it from Safety Simulator Marketing Director Kim Jobe's lesson before taking turns testing their driving skills from the seat of the bus simulator to go through scenarios with Trainer Keith St. John (pictured above). Many of the Murray drivers stated how realistic the scenarios were compared to their day-to-day jobs working as Transit drivers. FCTA Driver Supervisor Brock Tucker (right, top photo) added to his duties last week by joining the FCTA Driver Safety Simulator Team. He will help with the set up of the 18 wheeler's trailer extension and mobile classroom as well as assisting with the training at the various sites the simulator team visits. Saturday, Tucker learned how to use the apparatus that can place pedestrians and vehicles in front of the bus driven by those going through the simulator training. The team will travel to Northeastern Kentucky in October for two separate weeks of training there before completing another training a bit closer to home in November. The FCTA Driver Safety Simulator can be used by any company that has employees who drive for much of their work day. The FCTA team has worked with other Transit agencies, city street, solid waste and public works employees, law enforcement officers and firefighters and high school students. The FCTA Driver Safety Training Mobile Classroom is housed in the trailer of an 18 wheeler and can be set up at most any site with flat, level concrete or pavement. The trailer contains two simulator stations - the bus that is pictured below and a Dodge Charger fashioned after a law enforcement vehicle. Both simulators have been used to improve the driving skills of those who drive dump trucks, fire trucks, police cars, Transit buses, snow plows, solid waste vehicles, and others. The simulators offer real experiences to build real skills and help drivers develop and improve responsive reactions and working knowledge behind the wheel. The training sessions are conducted in a small group setting in an effort to allow each person an opportunity to not only receive a proper amount of hands-on experience with the simulator, but also allows one on one time with the trainer. The simulators offer field-of-view displays to give drivers a sense of training in the environment where he or she works. The team always begins the training sessions by reminding those they are working with that the goal isn't to teach them how to drive, but to teach them to drive more safely. Those needing more information about the FCTA Driver Safety Simulator and how to book it may contact Safety Simulator Marketing Director Kim Jobe at 270-472-5115, 270-309-0749 (cell), or #TeamTransit

JOINING IN THE FUN - Fulton County Transit Authority employees joined in the fun of this year’s Banana Festival both as event participants and shuttle providers. FCTA provide 406 free rides throughout the downtown area during Wednesday night’s Faith & Family Night, Friday night’s activities and all the events Saturday. Executive Director Kenney Etherton, HR Safety and Security Manager Paul Maxwell, and Scheduler Annette Jones made up the FCTA team at the Banana Pudding Contest held in the Pontotoc Community Center Wednesday evening. Etherton and Safety Simulator Marketing Director Kim Jobe represented FCTA at the annual Banana Festival Health Fair Friday morning at the First Baptist Church gymnasium. Saturday afternoon, Darrell Sims, FCTA Ambassador; Joanne West, a Kentucky Colonel and senior; and FCTA Operations Manager Joy Johnson represented the Transit agency in the Banana Festival Parade. The trio rode in an open convertible with Sims tossing candy to the crowd. On Saturday, September 14 – the opening day of the festival – FCTA provided 241 shuttle rides to the airport for the air show and 65 trips to transport Banana Ball attendees.

Darrell Sims waves from the backseat of an open convertible. The FCTA Ambassador, Kentucky Colonel Joanne West and FCTA Operations Manager Joy Johnson represented the Transit agency in the parade.

FCTA HR Safety and Security Manager Paul Maxwell and Scheduler Annette Jones fill cups with pudding for the Banana Pudding Contest Wednesday night. Jones and her daughter, Leigh Ann, created the yumminess for FCTA's entry.

FCTA Executive Director Kenney Etherton and Safety Simulator Marketing Director Kim Jobe talk with a participant at the annual Banana Festival Health Fair. The event was held in the gymnasium at First Baptist Church of Fulton Friday morning. Over 35 health-related businesses and services had a booth at the event. Health screenings were completed for such things as blood pressure, osteoporosis and cholesterol.

FCTA Executive Director Kenney Etherton (above) fills cups with banana pudding for the Banana Pudding Contest Wednesday night of the festival. Jim Lucy, Dylan Crass and Amanda Dean (right photo, top) made 65 trips for the annual Banana Ball on Saturday, September 14. Dean and Jerry Young (right photo, below) were among the drivers who provided 406 free rides on Wednesday night, Friday night and all day Saturday of the festival. The rides were provided using golf carts and Transit vans.

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